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Domain Registration - (annual renewal)
Domain Registration (i.e., www.yourdomain.com) is usually managed by DaveScans. The advantage of us managing your domain(s) is that you won't need to keep up with expiration dates, website settings or technical jargon.  For more information, please visit Domains & Hosting.
Website Development - (one-time payment or packages available)
DaveScans can design and build a website to your preferences. If you have a color scheme that you would like to follow or a website you'd like to mimic, we can cater to you. Our products are custom built to fit the look and feel of your business. Packages are available for websites that require frequent updates. Contact us for a free quote.
Hosting - (annual renewal)
Hosting is webspace for your website. DaveScans provides custom hosting packages so that you don't pay for a larger package than you need. Our hosting packages grow as you do. For more information, please visit Domains & Hosting.
Search Engine Submission - (one-time, monthly or annual subscriptions)
DaveScans will submit your website to the top 300 search engines, including Google and Yahoo. Search Engine Submission announces your website to search engines for indexing in their appropriate databases. It can not guarantee listing, however, we have a 100% listing record in the top 10 search engines so far. Submission can be repeated monthly to assure that your website is not dropped from the database, although we feel that annual submission is sufficient to keep your listing up-to-date.
Shopping Carts - (one-time fee or annual renewal)
DaveScans currently uses two shopping carts for eCommerce websites. They are:
  • PayPal Cart: Requires a one-time setup fee but no subscription payments thereafter. Security and company recognition is great but shipping options are very limited.

  • Virtual Cart: Has great security and is hosted remotely so it takes up very little webspace. Virtual Cart has many shipping options including a FedEx and UPS Calculator. Virtual Cart is versatile and is easily integrated into a website but has an annual subscription fee. Rates are listed at www.vcart.com.

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